Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process for a Loan Application?
1. If you have any queries, please call us first to discuss your loan application.
Otherwise just complete and return our Application Form

2. On receipt of the application F.W.J. Finance Limited will undertake a preliminary assessment before contacting you to
forward any additional information including identification, proof of income and any valuations of assets being offered
as security to evidence your financial position.

3. Upon receipt of this information, we will undertake a full assessment.
This may involve us (amongst other things):

4. If all the information is satisfactory the application will be placed before the directors of F.W.J. Finance Limited for
final approval.

5. Once approved F.W.J. Finance Limited will provide you with a Letter of Offer of Finance which once accepted by
you will be used to instruct our solicitors to prepare all legal documentation.

6. Settlement of the Loan can only then occur once all legal documentation is signed and all security registered.

How long does it take to arrange a loan?
If we have received all the information and you have accepted our letter of offer, legal documents take approximately 7 days for completion. Settlement can take place any time after the legal documents have been signed and all security is registered.

Past Credit Problems — can I still get a Loan?
Past credit problems may not prevent you from obtaining finance but a higher interest rate or additional security may be required depending on the extent of your credit history.

Why are Interest Rates and Fees not provided on your website?
Interest rates and fees can vary for each loan, depending on a number of factors. These include your credit history, type of security offered, term of the loan, and complexity of legal documentation required.

Can I Repay the Loan Early?
Yes you are able to repay your loan before the end of its term.

How do I Make Payments to You?
We will arrange for you to sign an Automatic Payment Authority to allow your payments to be made direct to our bank account.